About MākuSafe

MākuSafe was formed by a powerful team of software, hardware and data engineers in an effort to prove that workplaces around the globe can be made safer by gathering environmental data around workers WHILE they work. Using analytics and machine learning technology we can turn that data into predictors so that accidents can be stopped before they happen.

May 2016 MakuSafe was founded and the development of the first test device began

Makusafe was founded by three friends in Des Moines. Like most good ideas, the conversation started over a beer and took off from there.

August 2016 Phase I Beta Testing

Beta devices were tested at facilities across Iowa. We tested for both functionality and comfort/placement. 

September 2016 Raised Angel round

We were fortunate enough to quickly raise our first round of capital in about 5 days time from a mix of local businessmen. 

November 2016 Began development of MākuSmart Platform

All of the co-founders have a software background so we began work on what would become a robust cloud-based platform.

January 2017 Raised Seed Round

Professionals in the insurance industry took notice. EMC Insurance Companies approached us to make an investment and become our first customer.

February 2017 Began Industrial Design of MākuBand

Working with a highly skilled team in Silicon Valley we began working on industrial design of the production device.

March 2017 Integration of Machine Learning Platforms Into MākuSmart

With the assistance of folks at Google we began to incorporate machine learning technology into the platform to help with decision-making. 

April 2017 Completed Industrial Design of MākuBand

At about 30% the size of our initial beta devices we finished the Industrial Design Phase with our partners in Silicon Valley.